Did You Panic and Get Charged With Resisting Law Enforcement?

Hire a trusted attorney in Johnson County, Greenwood or Bargersville, IN

Being approached by a police officer can be nerve-wracking and may lead to some unintentional resistance on your end. If you were charged with resisting law enforcement in Greenwood, Johnson County or Bargersville, IN, turn to Maryan Law, LLC.

Attorney Maryan has over 20 years of experience, so you can feel confident that she'll fight for the best possible outcome. Schedule a free consultation with a reliable and dedicated lawyer today. Attorney Maryan takes on both felony and misdemeanor resisting law enforcement charges.

What's considered resisting law enforcement?

There are three different types of resisting law enforcement charges. You may have been charged with:

  1. Resisting law enforcement by force if you forcibly restricted, obstructed or interfered with a police officer's duties
  2. Resisting law enforcement by flight if you fled from a police officer after they identified themselves or turned on their vehicle's emergency lights
  3. Resisting law enforcement as a felony if you used a vehicle to flee or drew a deadly weapon
If you were charged with resisting law enforcement, reach out to attorney Maryan right away.

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